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The purpose of the subscription plan is "two-fold".  First to allow our residents and employers located in our Primary Service Area (PSA) the opportunity to help support our organization, and secondly, to help our patients defray the amount of per patient "out-of-pocket" expenses for our service.

This EMS Subscription Plan covers “medical emergencies” only. It does not cover calls other than “medical emergencies” such as, but not limited to, motor vehicle crashes, agricultural accidents, water related rescues, fire response, heavy rescue extrication services, special rescue situations, etc. As a resident of our Primary Service Area (PSA) you have an alternative to these fees by joining our EMS Subscription Plan.  Businesses located in our PSA are also eligible to subscribe to the plan which can be offered to or provided as a benefit to their employees.

There are three different resident plans and four business plans available.  Regardless of which resident plan you choose, you will be covered no matter how many times you request assistance from H.E.R.T. for medical emergencies and regardless of where you are, within our PSA, during the emergency.

The Business Plans are available for 1-5 employees, 6-20 employees, 21-49 employees and 50 or more employees.  The Business Plans could be offered to your employees passing the cost on to them or could be provided to them by the employer as a "benefit".  The Business Plans only cover employees during their normal work hours and locations, not while “off duty”.

The Hawley Emergency Response Team EMS Subscription Plan fee does not include and/or cover "ambulance" costs.  These fees are billed separately by the responding ambulance service(s) of which we have no affiliation and the EMS subscription plan is not an insurance policy or supplement.

Your membership in the EMS Subscription Plan is for a calendar year and is not pro-rated based on when you join.  We encourage you to take full advantage of the plan by sending in your application early.  An application can be requested by contacting us or by downloading and printing the brochure from our website and mailing it to us.  Once the completed application and fee is received and processed, a membership card with the "primary" subscribers name, plan selection, and subscriber number will be mailed to the primary subscriber.

Medical emergency services provided cannot be covered by subscribing "after the fact" for that particular event and any and all fees are not refundable if you move out of our PSA or decide to cancel your subscription.

As of 2009, Health Insurance providers, including Medicare, are not legally required to cover any costs of the services provided by H.E.R.T.  In the event that our charges are submitted to your Insurance Provider, there is no guarantee that your insurance company will cover the charges. The charges may be denied or only partially paid, or your deductible or cap limit may result in an unpaid balance for which you are responsible. As an EMS Subscription Plan member, you don't have those worries since you are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs. You will not receive a bill.  Belonging to the EMS Subscription Plan gives you peace of mind in not having to worry whether your insurance will pay the medical bill. The annual fee of our plan is only a fraction of most insurance companies' deductibles. H.E.R.T. does, however, reserve the right to bill your insurance company and claim title to any customary and reasonably allowed charges they may provide to H.E.R.T. and/or the "insured". 

Subscription fees are not tax-deductible, however any amounts over the subscription fees and/or separate donations/memorials are tax-deductible per IRS regulations.  Donations are encouraged and are also vital to our organization and help us in our effort to provide the most professional high-quality care that we have since beginning our operations in 1978.

Membership in our Subscription Plan is only valid once the proper information and payment is received.  This includes plan selection, payment, primary subscriber's name, street address, mailing address, phone number, date of birth, social security number ad signature.  Plans that cover more than the primary subscriber must also list the names, date of birth, social security number and relationship to the primary subscriber.  If you wish to not include this information on the application form you may check the appropriate box and we will contact you for this information.  Information for all "covered" individuals must be on file with our office.  These "unique identifiers" are needed to match patient information to subscriber information.  This confidential information is only used for this as well as insurance purposes.

Payments and applications can only be made by mail or in person at this time.  We are working on an "on-line" payment system and hope to have it up and running soon.  Please DO NOT mail cash through the mail.

Further questions should be directed to our office at 218-483-4512.
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